Radical Forgiveness in Breathwork (Clear Rackets)

We are continuing to be repositioned and shifted so that our energy bodies and our consciousness are congruently aligned in the new timeline architecture, as well as the new energy foundation moving forward. This planet is undergoing a continual momentous change, with some pinnacle energies during the Ascension Cycle.  As we continually undergo micro-adjustments in just about every area of our inner person and lifestyle, we are witnessing more of the patterns and phenomena of our past cellular memories surfacing. These memories are both ancient and recently personal, they are stemming both from our multiple self-experiences (the many human incarnation experiences of the same patterns) and that which has defined us to accept the belief that we are a part of the human race, having an experience on the planet Earth. As a species we have many concepts or archetypes we believe to be true that define our human identity. These are being challenged deeply now.

All of these patterns are being refined during this time to give us the opportunity to see what we need to change or heal inside ourselves. This is a time where we must learn to create our new reality from an entirely new palette of color, an entirely new way of thinking and being in this world.

As you pay attention to these old patterns you may begin to see them as repeated patterns of memory embeds that influence your thoughts and feelings. Their unresolved distortions deeply impact our mental, emotional and social aspects at so many different levels, which can potentially create dysfunction and imbalance.

These mental and emotional imbalances within, simultaneously create deep energetic imbalances and blockages within our energy body and aura. The mental games and control programs that are run by our unconscious self, those larger behavior patterns that are set by and accepted by mass society are coming into blaring review at this time. We have to see who and what is running a "racket" into the mental body and our unconscious mind, and allowing its fear to be programmed into our emotional body.

A racket is a corrupt mental program running in our conscious or unconscious self that justifies itself into being, in order to protect the psyche from its deepest and darkest fears.

It is very tricky and manipulative. However we are able to clearly see these rackets running as the new energy foundation will not tolerate nor support them. Running rackets is the antithesis to embodying personal integrity, and in order to be congruent with the core essence and the nature of our true self, we have to be fully disposed of these rackets.

This is a time of reality check so that we can see what damage has been done and take stock of what we have left to process, so we can live by and speak in the deepest truth and integrity that we are capable. Blind spots in our awareness or the perception we hold of others that keep us in denial or living inside the deceptive psychological defense programs (or these mental rackets) cannot continue. We are being moved to shed layers of drama, trauma and defense mechanisms that we have operated with, as a part of being human. As the first part of the Ascension Wayshower’s we are doing this clearing in depth now. It may show up as a part of healing the larger macrocosm or healing something in your personal life, however its mechanisms are the same.

All of humanity is subject to running these mental racket programs. This process can be painful as it requires you give it all up at the altar, nothing is held back, nothing is sugar coated, nothing is veiled from your ability to see or live by the truth as you know it. All we need to do is drop any resistance and let the circumstance self correct as we participate by witnessing the pattern, as it is being shifted or completely dissolved. It is also dissolving the membranes that create energetic separation inside of us, so that we can be more whole within and therefore also be more whole in our interaction with others.  This can be intense for us so taking the necessary time out and being gentle and forgiving in these circumstances, is the practice of being in self mastery or energetic mastery.

The aggression of the controller’s agenda will reach a new level of amplification. This amplification will be especially through the Victim-Victimizer software. We may have already been sensing the quality of this chaos and disruption in the external worldscape. We have been heartbroken seeing the many recent events highlighting the violence in the external landscape. These memories are extremely painful when they surface, coupled with the recent events which bring to the surface the extremely dark energy around histories of holocaust, massacres, and blood ritual.

If this has deeply impacted you, taking care of yourself and working your mental healing tools to maintain compassionate yet neutral association with these events is critical, in order to be relieved of suffering. Try to defer pain to understand this may be the larger macrocosm event influencing your body and stay vigilant to keep your mental and emotional body clear.

Send love, forgiveness and prayers of peace when you can. Apply daily meditation to relax the mind and body. Be aware of the necessity of practicing forgiveness to heal your life, as it is very important to continue to move forward. Many times our physical body and energy bodies will reach intense levels of inner pressure, as this is the merging alignment of the higher light bodies into the physical flesh. This is in order to catalyze the alchemical shift that is required to explode that damaged cellular memory out of the body and clear it from the genetic material. In some rough moments it can feel as if you are being squeezed through cheesecloth.

This is a time for radical forgiveness towards yourself and others. With the following we provide a helpful exercise for those moments when mental rackets or triggers propel a state of negativity or negative looping thoughts. Stay calm and breathe.


Breath in and slow down your body by applying breath. Take in a deep inhale four counts, hold in four counts, exhale four counts. Do this for up to 4-8 counts until you feel totally out of your mind programs and in your full presence of breath. The Now presence. The goal here is getting you OUT of your mind control program and into your PRESENCE. This can happen when you place your focus on your breath. Your mind has to release and let go. Reprogramming is most effective when done outside of the mind, when you are engaged in the observer mode of your full present consciousness.

Now Invocate:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to experience _________________.

(Minimum of 3 sets, then do or work with the breathing exercise again if you feel you have lost now moment presence, for a total set of nine commands for each item chosen).

You choose the item you feel is most pressing for each set of the exercise. You may want to alternate daily or work on one issue you know is pressing consecutively for 21 days, or until you feel emotionally freed from the memory or pattern. You can choose. Some sample suggestions:

  1. Lack of Self Love or Acceptance.
  2. Lack of personal power or fear.
  3. Entities and people sucking my life force.
  4. Self-doubt and worry.