How to Re-Label Thoughts as Positive or Negative

The graph below is of a Psychological Centering Model to use to better gauge thoughts that are recurring in either polarity. The two main polarity groups the brain likes to occupy itself with are Superior or Inferior thoughts. When using your Mental Discipline Refocus technique 1, identify the thought as stemming from Ego's Predator Mind (Reptilian Brain) and revalue it from its control over your emotional body and your other selves. When you drop into either an Inferior or Superior thought-form immediately label it as Negative Ego and Dis-Identify with the thought as defining your value or true nature. Do not let negative thoughts control you. Refocus and affirm the correct thought pattern.

Success happens when you do not allow yourself to go into auto response triggers. Identify the trigger thought-form and immediately re-label it, as it is happening in your perception. The faster you identify the trigger and stop letting your mind go on auto-pilot, the faster you will see success through relief. The goal is to not feel a negative response or emotional charge to any thought-form that used to trigger negative thoughts, such as panic and anxiety. You want to remain in neutral association to the trigger thought pattern. When you correct the thought, you can mentally command neutral association to the pattern to correct it.

What is your priority in your life? Where do you place your attention and focus?

Without a clear foundation set for developing the inner core essence as our first priority, we can be bombarded with energetic slime and become a doormat, sacrificial lamb or parasite food. This causes our energetic body to be clouded with astral debris and therefore exist within a confused state of inner perception. Being unclear and directed from ego judgment in any kind of perception, whether towards yourself or others, is energetically draining and completely unsustainable in the new energy platform.  For these reasons we must learn to become aware of our thoughts and emotions, as well as our behaviors and the impact they have on ourselves and others. 

Developing self-awareness does not happen through reading books or mental concepts. It is through specific activities and feeling experiences, that we are able to increase our power of observation. It is the power of observation or witnessing, that gives us the personal power to change our core beliefs (when we are made aware of them) that may be destructive or create blockages to connect with our inner spirit. 

How do your thoughts and words impact how you feel? 

How do your instinctual desires unconsciously drive your behaviors? 

How do hidden core beliefs affect your day to day happiness? 

Do an inventory of personal thoughts and identify them as Inferior or Superior, or as love thoughts or fear thoughts. Make a choice right now which thoughts you want to own and those you want to discard. As a goal use the above spiritual self-centering model to keep your mind balanced and stay in centered loving and neutral thoughts. How long can you stay there in the center? Make it a goal to improve your ability to stay within the essence and energy of the keywords that maintain your spiritual center. Bring yourself back to center with breath and applying neutral association to circumstances when you fall out of inner balance.

*Superior Thinking: Intolerance, Impatience, Arrogance, Manipulation, Attack, Anger, Judgmental thinking

*Inferior Thinking: Worry, Low Self Love or Esteem, Jealousy, Guilt, Hurt, Fear, Attachment, Martrydom

Good Emotional Tool for Immediate Circumstances :

1. Patience (pause, step back, take a breath).

2. Surrender to the process (The Divine is at work AGAIN! Do not know why or what.. but okay! I will get myself out of the way).

3. Acceptance (I may not like it, but that is okay, I am at peace because something larger is at work).

4. Forgiveness (Tell the story, feel your feelings, Revalue them and shift perspective).

5. Be Here Now! Be Here Now! Be here Now!

Emotional Release Technique- Catharis

For a complete emotional release you may want to ask yourself a few questions about a few of the social experiences creating frustrations.

After each question is complete and you have answered it (preference it to write it out) , REPEAT outloud STEP A.

What is your pay off for your disease/pain?
What people do you need to forgive?
What do you feel guilty for?
Do you have the wisdom to know the difference?
What can you change, what do you need to accept?
Are you being totally honest with yourself?


Even though I feel/or have this (Answer to each question) ______ I deeply and completely accept myself.


Use to repattern/refocus every time you have an anxious or negative thought. State it as your intention in the AM when you wake up.

I stand in my truth. I move forward with joy. I have spiritual understanding.